The Five Aspects of a Good Business Card

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Even in this modern digital age, you cannot underestimate the importance and the effectiveness of a business card. In fact, budget for these cards need to be included in your start-up costs. However, business cards are effectiveness only if they meet certain standards and include certain elements.

“Presence in mind” factor
People receive numerous business cards from different business owners. So, what makes your card special for them? In order to ensure that your card is not just one among the many, you need to make a special effort to make the card memorable. The design selected, the quality of paper used, the template of the card or even the words on it contribute toward this objective.

While it is important to make your business card memorable, you also need to keep it simple because a card that is crowded with texts and images is not appealing to the eye. The card needs to have all the required information including your name, business name address, contact numbers, fax, logo, website address and email.

You can also include any other information that people need to know about you or your business. You can hire a designer who can include all these elements in the card without making it look crowded or cramped.

A business card needs to be functional. Here, “functionality” includes several factors such as shape and size of the card. The type of paper used also influences functionality of the card. For instance, a card that is shaped oddly might not fit into people’s wallets or card holders. As a result, your prospects may simply discard your card.

Similarly, a business card may tear if the quality of paper is poor. Even in this case, the business card will go into the bin. In order to prevent such wastes, take care when you choose the shape, size and paper type of the business card.

Your business card should be clear and neat in visual appeal. All important information should be depicted clearly so that they are visible at one glance at the card. This includes the size of letters, type of font and placement of texts. Recipients of your card would not want to search for information on it.

Your business card needs to have an identity. In other words, the brand image of your company should translate on the card as well, be it in terms of the colours used or the overall appearance of the card.

Once you have the cards printed, always carry them around and give them out to people who are connected to or interested in your business.

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