4 Elements that all Company Letterheads Need

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Looking professional and reliable to your clients is the key, so it’s important to have quality, company letterheads that will allow your company to be easily recognisable and remembered.

Here are a few elements that should be included in your company letterhead:

1. Contact Details – A phone number, email address and website are always good to include in a letterhead. A clear and precise way for new and current clients to easily contact you.

2. Logo – It’s important to include a unique, yet easily recognisable logo that promotes your business in the best possible way. Using colour is always effective, but remember, sometimes less is more.

3. Legal Requirements – There are different requirements depending on what sort of company you have. Eg: sole trader, partnership, limited company etc You can find all the details right here. (Or contact us.)

4. Quality – A well thought out design and layout promote a professional look that will impress clients and good quality stock can make all the difference.

Needing some quality letterheads for your business? If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today for a free quote.

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